We think Beau Soleil is a school which prepares the individual, as a human”: parent response to Jan 2015 school survey

At Beau Soleil we strongly believe in developing the whole person. To achieve this we encourage full participation in all school activities from the academic to the physical and to take part in extra-curricular challenges.

We also seek to provide a secure and strong sense of inclusion and belonging within our school community so that we all feel good about ourselves.

However we don’t want to seem complacent and, therefore, this new academic year we are giving a renewed focus to the importance of emotional, physical and spiritual well-being and the connection between all three.

We are not alone in looking afresh at well-being and mental health. A report presented at a global health summit[1]in February 2015 called for schools to pay greater attention to be paid within schools to setting positive life goals, teaching life skills, and helping students to cope with everyday pressures and social medial. Such research has become more common and is gaining more coverage in the global press.

Here at Beau Soleil we are seeking to take this forward for both students and teachers. Please click here for more information

[1][1]The World Innovation Summit for Health in Doha, Qatar



This new academic year sees a focus on the development of activities, workshops, talks and programmes which promote a deeper understanding of students' needs to nurture their bodies and minds to create holistic balance and well-being. 

Through the introduction of such activites as yoga classes, spiritual and philosophical debate, non-competitive healthy exercise, self-defence, and mindfulness and relaxation, Beau Soleil students helped to be "the very best they can be" in all areas of their lives.


In early September Naella Grew, co-author of Teenagers Translated[1], helped teachers to understand the teenage mind better through a lively and thought provoking presentation. In this she drew on recent research which helps us to better understand the pivotal role emotions play in how our minds work and how we behave. She also referred to recent brain research which is now giving us an increasingly accurate picture of what in happening inside the developing brain in teenage years and thus what kind of adult responses are most effective for stable problem free behavior and learning

We hope that with this fresh approach to wellbeing will lead to happier, healthier and emotionally resilient pupils who grow as individuals, and as humans.

[1] Teenagers Translated: How to raise happy teens by Janey Downshire and Naella Grew: Vermillion 2014