The Beau Soleil Story

At Beau Soleil it is not what you hear, not what you see, but what you do that counts. Inside the classroom and outside it.
And when you are focused on doing, things can go wrong. Sometimes you fail. But here, we make sure that there is room to make mistakes and space to put them right.
The consequence is a self-confidence based on achievement, sometimes in unconventional circumstances. And this, more than anything, allows each pupil to go out into the world with wind in their sails and hope in their hearts.

Beau Soleil Promises

  1. Your child will be actively and passionately involved in all their learning and, as a result, make good progress
  2. Your child will be prepared to take risks in their learning and to learn how to cope when   these go wrong
  3. Your child will have the determination and optimism to engage with life through all its ups and downs
Our values
  • Act responsibly
  • Behave with respect
  • Be ambitious
  • Develop a sense of effort
The pillars of the school
  • A balanced and personalised curriculum
  • A stable family community
  • An environment of outstanding natural beauty
  • Students from all nationalities are welcomed into College Alpin Beau Soleil