Student Support

Within the International Section the school has a dedicated Learning Support department: the Head of Learning Support carries responsibility for designing, co-ordinating and implementing the school’s Learning Support Policy. The Head of Learning Support takes primary responsibility for teaching students with special needs
Within the French Section the school works closely with an educational psychologist based in Villars who provides regular training to the teachers and offers support for individual pupils. 

Monitoring Progress

Maintaining high academic standards is a priority and every pupil is closely monitored by his or her tutor. Regular communication between subject teachers, tutors and the Head of Section is an important part of the culture of the school. A period of time is set aside every evening for private study and in addition, for those students needing more support, there are teachers available on duty in the boarding houses to help students with their work.

Problems which emerge in academic work are addressed through a conversation between tutor, subject teacher and Head of Section and various methods are used to assist the student who is struggling in a subject.

Academic Saturdays take place most Saturday mornings; these are mornings set aside for internal tests in order to monitor student progress. Internal school exams are held at different times for different year groups in order to prepare them for the external examinations in the summer.

The progress of each student is regularly reviewed at grading meetings. Details of these reviews are discussed with the student and the parent is informed on a regular basis about the progress of the student.

Each year group has an annual parent-teacher meeting and scheduled meetings are held to discuss iGCSE, IB or BAC options.