Sport Overview

Students in Beau Soleil undertake a broad and balanced curriculum as part of their physical education lessons. Students explore methods of improving and learning concepts in relation to physical exercise. They are taught about the importance of a healthy active lifestyle, in doing so they cover a broad range of sports from football, basketball, skiing, snowboarding and ice skating to trampolining, dance and gymnastics plus many more. As part of their physical education lessons, students are taught theoretical elements of physiology, nutrition, influences on participation and respect for peers.

Students can then further enhance their learning and development in lessons by attending a wide variety of after school sports which range from golf, swimming, tennis, horse riding, MMA, Ice hockey, volleyball and this is to name just a few. Students gain a vast understanding of the concepts relating to a healthy active lifestyle which they can then take onto future situations in order to take responsibility and pride in their own physical wellbeing and development. 

Part of the Beau Soleil ethos is "Do." Testament to this the children take part in challenges and expeditions throughout the year.