L'Alchimiste is a small house situated just outside the school grounds for Beau Soleil boys. With its small size and its cosy rooms, L'Alchimiste is a house where the atmosphere of a “home away from home” can easily be created making it a great place to live.

Its best assets include the communal area on the top floor with the view of the mountain, the sofa and the multicolour bean bags, the TV, the hot chocolate and hot water machine and the fridge. It really is the perfect place for the boys to meet and relax after a long day at school. In a few words, L'Alchimiste is a great, small and cosy boarding house which allows the boys to live together in a welcoming and happy environment!

Mr Rügen, House Parent and Mr Taylor, Graduate Assistant are responsible for the students residing in L'Alchimiste.