French Section

The classes in the French Section extend from 6ème to Terminale, and prepare students for the official French government examinations - the Diplôme National du Brevet at the end of 3ème and the French Baccalaureate (series L, ES and S) at the end of Terminale. The subjects taught in the French Section conform to the requirements of the French Ministry of Education.
The school uses the French baccalaureate student learner profile as a basis for the learner profile in the French Section. For each cycle, students must acquire a set programme of essential knowledge during the final stage. Study skills must also be consolidated, as they form the framework within which teachers can organise lessons while taking into consideration each student’s individual rhythm. The final year of the general stream is split into three subjects areas: Economic and Social (ES), Literary (L) and Scientific (S). Aiming at both written and oral excellence, students will choose to study in their strongest subjects. During their final year, the school’s Careers and Colleges Counsellor will work with and help students to form a plan for the future, preparing them for a world of continuing change.
The French Section is under the direction of M Jean Christophe Debouvry.