Frequently Asked Questions about Beau Soleil 

  • What are the boarding facilities like at Beau Soleil? 
    Please see our boarding pages for information and to find out more about the boarding team.

  • What should new students bring to Beau Soleil?  Our packing list can be found here 

  • How often can parents visit their children? 
    Parents can visit anytime, as long as it does not coincide with any school activities. Option exeats are scheduled throughout the school year. Please consult with the school calendar as well as your child's Houseparent and notify them to request confirmation.

  • What if my child feels homesick?
    Homesickness is normal but there are always understanding and supportive people to talk to. They can speak to  their houseparent, a teacher, a graduate assistant. Although, they will be so busy that they won't have much time to worry about homesickness!

  • Is there a requirement to speak french? While some french language skills are encouraged, there is no pre-requisite for this if your child is joining our international section. French classes are mandatory up until grade 10. 

  • Do I have to be a good skiier?  
    All of our students ski 2-3 times per week and we have ski classes for all levels and you will be helped to improve whatever your current standard. There is one day academic skiing per week as well as a free-skiing programme on weekends. 

  • Can my child come for one term? 
    Our minimum stay is for one year, or two years if joining grade 12. 

  • Do you have a Summer Camp?
    Yes, full details and information about how to register can be found on the Beau Soleil Summer Camp pages.

  • Are Students able to visit the town?
    Students are permitted to go downtown in their free time during the day.