In line with the Four Pillars of our community, pupils at Beau Soleil are expected to follow the values of the school which encourage them to act responsibly and to show respect to all, whether these are fellow pupils, staff or members of the public.

Students are supported in their behaviour by their teachers, tutor and by the School Prefects.

Serious breaches of discipline such as bullying, smoking, drinking, academic malpractice, unauthorized possession or the use of drugs, sexual impropriety and other serious matters are not tolerated. There are clear sanctions which deal with such behaviour.

Other misdemeanors are outlined in the school's Codes of Conduct and sanctions are used accordingly. Day to day discipline comes within the remit of the House Parent or the Head of Section. Serious breaches are dealt with by the Deputy Principal or the Principal.

In such events the School Discipline Council may be called: this is an opportunity to discuss the breach in discipline with the student in the presence of key teachers.