Big Trips

The school runs a range of exciting trips to various locations around the world. Some are cultural, allowing students to learn more about the world – such as to Cambodia, Tanzania, Italy and Ghana in the last couple of years. Others are challenging expeditions to climb summits – in recent years our students have successfully climbed Mount Kilimanjaro (5,895m) and Mount Meru (4,565m) in Tanzania, Mount Cotopaxi (5,897m) in Ecuador and several volcanic peaks in Patagonia (5,000m).

Humanitarian trips

Students are encouraged to participate in trips which offer some service to others, particularly in less developed countries. These experiences help them to develop their personal conscience and broaden their sense of social responsibility. The school supports the foundation “Le Solstice” set up by the school’s former owner. This foundation runs a range of charitable programmes in countries such as Tanzania, India and Madagascar.
You may discover upcoming destinations here

You can also click below to see an example gallery from one of our recent excursions.