Beau Soleil Girls

A warm welcome to all of you!

Beau Soleil Girls is a busy, energetic and lively multi-cultural community of over 80 girls. The moment you walk in you will get a sense of the girls' strong friendships and their sense of confidence. This strong foundation prepares them for the broad amount of experiences available to them out of the classroom, during their school years and beyond.

Dating back to the 1910s, Beau Soleil girls is housed in the oldest part of the school, within the main building. We are based in the heart of the school and it is here where we try to build a strong House identity and spirit. The girls feel very loyal to the House which they regard as their “family”. When they leave school, the friendships they have made during their time boarding, stay with them forever.

Deciding to send your daughter to boarding school is a big decision for any family. How will they settle in? Families always as how their children will miss home and how they will fill their time. The first week is always very busy and important to help the girls to adapt to their new and exciting lives and to quickly find their feet, to feel relaxed and to begin to enjoy their time at school. The boarding house in Beau Soleil Girls is a home away from home for the girls. Students and staff are encouraged to live co-operatively with others and to see their own needs within the context of the needs of the community which is the perfect introduction to life at university too.

The House could not run without such a wonderful team of dedicated staff on hand day and night to ensure every boarder's life is as fulfilling and as happy as possible during their time here: Mrs Hermione Holt (Senior Houseparent), Mrs Katharine Carver (Houseparent), Ms Madeleine Langford (Junior Houseparent), Anna McFaul (Graduate Assistants), House Tutors and Domestic Cleaners.