Alumni Events

Every year, the Alumni of Beau Soleil get together in different parts of the world. Regardless of their status, occupation, age or any other conditions, it’s always with a great a pleasure and happiness that we meet and share some wonderful moments together.
These meeting allow our dear alumni to stay in touch with their school and their school friends, get news about any changes, current activities and programmes that the school offers today, and of course to go back in time and remember the years spent at Beau Soleil. For every alumni, these memories are precious, as they are for the school.
We try to keep in touch with as many of our former students as possible, and we kindly ask everyone to update their contact details, marital status, occupation and other important information, by sending an email on
We are working to develop a solid database for every alumni to have the access to, which will allow them to find their friends and make any necessary modifications to their details.
Destinations 2016/2017 coming soon:

Mumbai: 19-21 September 2016
Delhi: 21-24 September 2016

Bangkok: 15-17 November 2016
Jakarta: 17-19 November 2016
Singapore: 19-21 November 2016

Colombia: 23-29 January 2017